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Volunteers like you are a constant source of inspiration to us at the American Civic Association. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, from all age ranges, with all different interests and levels of experience. 

No matter who you are, if you support our mission of supporting immigrant and refugee communities in the Southern Tier, we would love to have you as our next American Civic Association volunteer!

Want to help, but not quite sure where you'd fit in? Check out some of the things current and previous volunteers have worked on below!

Specialty Fields

This is a great opportunity for individuals with key honed in characteristics to take advantage off. These areas include:

  • Social Media Optimization Analysis

  • Content Creation Specialist

  • Strategic Alliance Builders

  • And Much More



If you are into the enhancing the daily procedural operations and love interacting with a diverse body of people, then you would love to take advantage of this opportunity. 



If you are eager to learn more about how to enrich our cultural diversity and love an ever evolving field, then you will love to volunteer at our the immigration department. 



This opportunity helps you explore your creativity and apply it to our multicultural community in order to preserve their diverse cultural heritage by helping us set up on the following major events:

  • Annual Garlic Festival Event

  • Annual All Nations Celebration Parade

  • Memorial Vigil Day

  • And Many More. 



If you love working with your hands and are into maintaining the integrity of the building, then you would love to take advantage of this opportunity.


Grant Writing

If your are an eloquent and persuasive writer that have a knack for strong research analysis and have a passion for furthering monumental causes such as ours, then you would love to take advantage of this opportunity.


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