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     In the year 1939, the eleven founders elected their officers and Board of Directors to formally help establish the American Civic Association, Inc.

     The Founders had both practical and idealistic aims to integrate all immigrants in the community and to foster the appreciation of their diverse cultural heritages. For nearly 100 years now, it is our promise to their goals that have kept the foundation & our founders' dream alive.


The American Civic Association is a nonprofit organization that is committed to helping immigrants and refugees start a new life in our community while preserving their ethnic and cultural diversity.


The American Civic Association has been dedicated to its mission of helping immigrants and refugees and building bridges of understanding between foreign- and native-born communities since 1939. We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Joseph Creskovic, Michael Gavian,

Peter T. Campon, Stanley H. Mill,

Derals Maume, Charles Leounis,

Daniel Gardiner M.A. Freije, W. von Pechman, 

John Sochor and Frank Kovarik not shown in the picture

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